2016 Super Bowl Tickets Online At the Best Prices

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The Super Bowl 2016 championship is approaching and you might need to secure tickets for the big match. Scheduled to take place at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, it’s a game that you shouldn’t miss. The game is set to determine the league champion for 2015 NFL season. That’s why you need to grab tickets as early as possible to avoid last minute rush that might be inconveniencing and costly. But before purchasing the tickets there are a number of things that you might need to consider if you want to have to enjoy the best experience while watching you favorite match live.

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Here are important tips on how to buy Super Bowl 2016 tickets online

Find Super Bowl Tickets That Come With Extra Privileges If you’ve been following through live games of 2015 NFL season games, then Super Bowl 2016 match tickets might probably a priority in your bucket list. You would want a ticket that includes you in a Super Bowl party at the Super Bowl. When shopping for tickets online consider getting ticket packages which include pregame tailgate featuring unlimited beer and wine, multiple grilling stations, appearances by professional NFL legends and a myriad of other pre-game activities. This will help crown your experience at the Super Bowl 2016 50 championship leaving you satisfied after the event is done.

The Earlier You Buy the Tickets, the Better

With Super Bowl 2016 league championship game being a major event in the NFL calendar, you can be sure tickets are on high demand. It therefore means you have to hurry and get yourself a ticket now. Not that they’ll run out of stock but the earlier you purchase your ticket, the less stressful it will be for you to plan for the event. Also, consider buying a ticket with travel package that gives the privilege of enjoying free transportation to the venue of the game. Such ticket sellers as Prime Sport deal in ticket packages that include hotel accommodations, invites to parties, game day transfers and game tickets so you might consider getting one from such dealers. Grabbing such ticket packages can go a long way in saving you money while you enjoy watching the league’s big match.

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Buy Group Super Bowl Tickets and Enjoy the Game with Friends

The Super Bowl 2016 championship match cannot be worth remembering if you don’t take along your friends or family members. That’s why you need to purchase group Super Bowl tickets now for the ultimate experience in the upcoming match. Ticket pricing in major online ticket sellers is fair and most of them cover all the activities right from the pre-game parties all through to transportation so know what to expect after purchasing a single or multiple tickets. Capture all the action live on the field and soak yourself up in the fun of cheering your favorite team as you also enjoy the best of Santa Clara culture. You can be the talk of your neighborhood or envy of your office if you purchase tickets to the upcoming Super Bowl 2016 match.

The tickets are available online at the most convenient prices and the packages that come along with them amazing. Right from enjoying time in grilling stations, appearances by football legends to upscale food stations and top shelf bar and top music, the Super Bowl 2016 championship match is an event that you should never miss. Get the ticket(s) to the match for you to enjoy the ultimate fan experience in Santa Clara’s biggest stadium; Levi’s Stadium.

Get The Best of Prime Sport’s Super Bowl Tickets and Packages

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If you are a diehard fan of football then grabbing tickets for upcoming big matches is a must. You can be the envy of your friends or office mates by purchasing tickets from PrimeSport. When game tickets feature in your bucket list, it’s obvious you’re going to do anything possible to make sure you cross it off. You don’t have to miss the event live on Super Bowl simply because you dint buy your tickets early enough. Just get any of the available tickets on Prime Sport to secure your way to the stadium to watch the big game of the season. 

What Makes PrimeSports SuperBowl Tickets Unique?

Your Prime Sport ticket does not only allow you to get into the stadium to watch the match live but it also includes access to events and features that will make experience worthwhile. With the ticket, you get to enjoy a pregame tailgate featuring multiple grilling stations, unlimited beer and wine, live band and appearances by both current as well as former NFL legends. You’ll never want to miss any of these pre-game activities and that you can make your way to the event early enough courtesy of Prime Sport. 

How Fair Is The Ticket Pricing?

Prime Sport understands how eager you are to catch the big event happening live and it puts in mind the price you’ll pay for the experience. That’s why it offers its tickets at the most incredible prices. With Prime Sport tickets fairly priced you can conveniently buy extra tickets for family members, friends or colleagues so that you can have some company in the field while going to watch scheduled matches. Depending on the game type and fixtures, prices might vary greatly. So you need to check online for your favorite upcoming match and shop for the ticket as early as possible. 

Super Bowl Travel Packages

Paying for the ticket is one thing and getting to the Super Bowl stadium to watch the match happen is another thing altogether. Usually getting to the event might attract some added cost that might end up draining your pocket. That’s why Prime Sport has a special travel package that will get you in the middle of the Big Game hassle-free. The packages include hotel accommodations, party invites, game day transfers, game tickets and so much more. You don’t have to worry about the cost because everything will be taken care of by the initial amount you pay for the ticket.  


If you are planning to get a ticket for your favorite upcoming game, think of coupons for Prime Sport as your ultimate choice. You can be the talk of your neighborhood or office when you�re spotted seeing the game live and soaked up in the fan and culture of spectators. It can be even better when you invite your friends or family members and sit together with Super Bowl group tickets. The experience, right from game day transportation, tailgate all through to appearances by football legends, makes it clear that it’s an event that you should never miss. The tickets are sold at the most reasonable prices and you are guaranteed of getting exact value for your money.